Collection: Merri Cyr

“What makes a photo interesting to me is the expression of energy, the alchemy of a moment caught in the net of a certain shutter click. It’s sort of like fishing for treasure whose meaning only becomes evident later. That meaning changes with the passage of time.” Brooklyn Based photographer Merri Cyr has been working as a professional photographer since 1988. Primarily focused on portraiture of musicians and artists, her clients include Sony, Warner Brothers, Maverick, Mercury, Electra, Verve, Mercury Nashville, Deutsche Grammophon, Rolling Stone, and Bang Magazine amongst others. Merri has over fifty album packages to her name. Other works include the documenting of Lillith Fair for Rolling Stone, consigned video works for Sony and Maverick and her recently released book, “A Wished-for Song, Portrait of Jeff Buckley”, which includes 360 photos and interviews conducted by Merri.