Collection: Richard Crawley

‘Magic happens when the photograph goes beyond the obvious and becomes something else as well… and that something is of course the art of photography.’

Born in England in 1951 and given a Kodak ‘Box Brownie’ camera on his seventh birthday, self taught Richard Crawley has been making photographs ever since. A fractured arm at the age of eleven resulted in the benevolent short term loan from his father of a 35mm camera - and consequent photographic addiction. This was exacerbated by the discovery of Creative Camera magazine in the late 60’s and entry to the extraordinary worlds of Paul Strand, André Kertesz, Diane Arbus, Bruce Davidson, Josef Koudelka and many others. 

An inextinguishable flame was lit that only grew stronger on emigrating to Australia in 1973. Initially Crawley worked in the rock music industry photographing many acts. His shot of Mick Jagger (Melbourne 1973) has become worldwide the iconic image of the singer live on stage with The Rolling Stones.