Online Ordering & Purchasing Conditions

Photographic prints are made to order by the photographer, and usually signed/numbered at the photographers discretion.

All prices are displayed without taxes (GST). Relevant taxes will be added at check out.

When purchasing online, the user MUST select a size option from the drop down menu. This will then display the price (ex. GST).

If there is no price or $0.00 displayed, the print is NOT available for purchase online. Please contact Blender Gallery on +61 2 93807080 or for price and availability.

Please be aware that if the user adds products with $0.00 into his/her cart, they are NOT actually purchasing that product - $0.00 will be charged. 

If in the case the the user "checks out" with a $0.00 purchase, they are still not making a purchase as there will be no money charged.

In the case that the user "checks out" with a $0.00 purchase and are charged a shipping fee, Blender Gallery will contact you and refund the shipping charge due to the fact that there has been no actual purchase made.

We reserve the right to modify, suspend or discontinue all or any portion of the Site at any time, with or without notice.

For more information please contact Blender Gallery on +61 2 93807080 or