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Bob Dylan, Infrared, Woodstock NY 1968 by Elliott Landy

Bob Dylan, Infrared, Woodstock NY 1968 by Elliott Landy

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"He leaned in front of an old British cab he had. For this shot I used infrared color film, which made the leaves bright red".

"He asked me to come back with the pictures when they were ready. He liked the photos, and we started to hang out a bit… He was very happy, in love with his lovely and gracious wife, Sara, and his family. He was hiding from the world, savoring the magical experience of having young children. That’s why I didn’t publish the pictures for many years. He cherished his privacy and didn’t want any media attention on his family.”

"I was very impressed with Bob. He was a very special person. He intuitively understood what was going on in a situation. There was a feeling you got when you were with him that was exciting. I believe it was the flow of creative energy surrounding him that sort of spilled over onto you. Over the years I've seen him walk into rooms, even in the presence of other very famous people, and suddenly everyone's attention becomes totally focused on him. It's difficult to have this type of charisma: people always want a piece of you." - Elliott Landy
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